Lightweight handbags

A lightweight handbag from our collection is an ideal accessory when you are going on a trip or for occasions where you need a spare bag. In addition to being lightweight, the bags are also foldable which means you can easily take them to any occasion. This way, you always have a spare bag with you should you need extra storage space.

Convenience and elegance combined into one lightweight handbag

Apart from being highly functional, each and every lightweight handbag in our range is also beautifully designed with colourful patterns and flowers. They are just as beautiful as any other colourful bag in our range: the only difference is the fact these handbags are super lightweight. The whole bag can even be folded and stowed into the front pocket of the bag. This means the bag will take up just a very tiny space of the bag you are carrying it in!

Directly place your order

Do you want to take the LiLiÓ Amsterdam lightweight handbag with you on your next trip, so you are always ensured of having enough storage space should you need it? Then directly select a Zinnia bag or other design to your liking and place your order. Your newest addition will swiftly be delivered to your doorstep. Do you have any questions in the meanwhile or before placing your order? Feel free to reach out to us via

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