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When you want to buy a bag with a beautiful design, our Jelly Blossom bag is definitely worth considering! The stunning Jelly Blossom range includes bags with dark base colours and colourful decorations. A bag from this LiLiÓ Amsterdam collection is a must-have item for every fashionable woman!

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jelly blossom black backpack dot

Is the design of our Jelly Blossom bag what you are looking for?

You can find many different bags in our collection. If you do not want to spend your monthly income by buying all our gorgeous pieces, you need to decide which bag you like most. Which is a tough job, we know! Therefore, we happily tell you more about the design of our Jelly Blossom bag. The design of this bag has a solid, dark base colour and is decorated with colourful dots and flowers in amongst others burgundy and bright pink. Thanks to the solid base colour, the bag can be combined with every outfit. The bright colours instantly spice up any outfit!

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You have various pieces to choose from when you like our Jelly Blossom design and want to order a bag. Select for instance a fashionable backpack or go for carry-on luggage with this stunning design. Are you unsure which bags suits your preferences best or do you have any questions? Simply get in touch with our company by sending an email to and we help you make your decision!