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If you are looking for the perfect bag for autumn, a LiLiÓ handbag in burgundy is the way to go! This deep reddish-brown shade is the perfect addition to any autumnal outfit. However, we can ensure you that you will not only fall in love with a LiLiÓ handbag in burgundy during the autumn season!

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Which LiLiÓ handbag in burgundy are you going for?

At LiLiÓ Amsterdam, we put in every effort to create astonishing designs for our bags, wall art and other pieces in our collection. With every piece, we usually pick one base colour which we decorate with bright flowers and other decorative elements. If you would like to buy a LiLiÓ handbag with burgundy as a base colour, you will surely find a stunning piece in our Jelly Blossom collection. If you prefer just a tiny touch of burgundy on your handbag, you can also pick another item from our collection.

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Will you soon be walking around with a LiLiÓ handbag with burgundy all over or are you going for a tiny touch of this stunning, deep reddish-brown shade? Take a look at our complete collection, pick your favourite piece and place your order. We will ship your item to your doorstep swiftly. Do you have any questions before placing your order? Feel free to reach out to us via